A Brand New Outlook To our Amazing Sets

This is Our Generation.

With our heads in the blue sky and our feet planted firmly on the ground. We’re changing the world without ever forgetting to be kids.


This is OUR story

Our Generation is bigger than a toy company. We invite girls into a community of empowerment and play, a place where their collective voices create the narrative of their generation.

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My Kids love Our Generation products and I love that they’re great quality for a reasonable price

MomtoMany, PA

Great toy purchased this item for my daughter and she loves it. Our Generation has some really great products for 18in dolls.


The Accessories fits18 inch dolls perfectly and provides hours of fun imaginative play

Arleal, NJ

The dog accessories are adorable, an extra outfit for the doll too and the scooter is so fun that little brother has played with it almost as much as sister : )

HappyChristmasMama, TX